Policies and Procedures

We strive to provide the highest quality of pet care possible. We understand and respect that your pets are valued members of your family and we take the responsibility of caring for them seriously. The policies and procedures are put into effect to ensure that all our guests and their owners are treated with care and respect.

A guest application is to be filled out by all of our guests. It helps us get to know your pet, their personality and needs.

Health and Safety

We take the health and safety of your pet seriously and do not accept any guests without proof of vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian. (These requirements may be waived upon written recommendation from a pet's veterinarian.) You may either have this information faxed to us (recommended) or bring it when checking in...
We cannot accept your pet without proof of vaccinations or a wavier.
We do not accept aggressive animals that might pose a danger to other pets or staff members.
All guests must be housebroke or litter trained. All our dog guests will be taken out regularly for bathroom breaks. To provide a clean environment, if using peepee pads, you must provide enough pads so that we can change it at least 3 times daily if needed.
All pets must be flea free. If fleas are detected we will administer a flea treatment for a charge.
Each guests health is carefully monitored, including daily charting of food and water intake and eliminations.
Changing your pet's food while he is away from home only causes added stress to his digestive tract. Therefore, in the interest of our guests health we require you bring your own food. (Make sure it is enough for the entire stay)
Your pet's medications will be properly administered and charted free of charge, with the exception of injections, which we do not give.

Puppy Precautions

All puppies must be at least 3 months old to stay with us and up to date on their vaccinations. Puppies must have received bordatella before staying.

Deposit and Cancellation Policies

At this time, we do not require a deposit when making reservations. In consideration of us and other guests, we do ask that if you must cancel, you do so at least three days prior to your intended arrival. During peak times, we reach capacity and by you giving us ample notice we are able to fill your cancellation with guests on our waiting list.

If we find that this is being abused,
a required deposit policy will be put in place.