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Regarding THE PAMPERED PET in Madisonville

If you do not have a dog that you consider to be a part of your family, I am sorry, and you need not read any further. However, if your life is blessed with a dog that loves you and feels as though the world is a better place because of the special bond between the two of you, you may have some interest in the following.

Riley, our wonderful German Shepherd Dog loved the staff at the Pampered Pet. He loved the care and attention that was shown to him there, as much or more than he loved the comfortable accommodations & the indoor playground or “Bark Park”. He loved knowing that the day he got his nice bath at The Pampered Pet, that his family was coming to pick him up, and we would soon be home together. When Riley passed away from cancer in July of last year, we got a sympathy card signed by the entire staff. It meant a lot to us to know that Riley had won their hearts, as well.

Now Danny Boy is our ten month old English Mastiff puppy, and although he has only been pampered at the Pampered Pets a few times, he now makes a beehive to the front door of the pampered pets and he practically drags me into the building,

Dogs do not lie, cause mine have told me that The Pampered Pet is the place to be, if they can’t be home with Mom & Dad. So don’t make your best friend “ruff” it - take your dog to The Pampered Pet!!

Dr. Thad Salmon

Danny Boy