(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

One of our UK fans arriving for some R & R

Q: Are reservations required?
A: Yes, our reservation process will help us serve you better. We would like to know the approximate time you will drop off and pick up your pet.

Q: When should I make my reservations?
A: Please make your reservations as soon as possible. Certain times of the year we fill up early and reservations are taken on a first come basis.

Q: What do I need to check in?

A: (1) Shot records- the best way is to have it brought by, faxed, or sent before arrival [Fax # (270)-821-1321]. See our policies on vaccine requirements.
(2) Filled out guest application (1st visit only) - you can download it here, pick it up and fill it in before arriving, or arrive early, giving ample time to fill it out (about 10 minutes).
(3) Personal items - Blanket, toys, maybe a t-shirt or something with your calming smell.
(4) Your Pet's food (enough for entire stay). Peepee pads, if needed, for cleanliness reasons bring enough so it can be changed at least 3 times daily if needed. If using litter - bring the brand cat is used to.
(5) Medicine - We will gladly give your pet any medication needed at no charge. We do not give injections.

Q: I want to give my pet some added pampering, what's available?
A: We have a list of services available, you can download it here. Please fill it in and bring it when checking in. If you are planning a stay with us and want to take advantage of our grooming services or furminator treatments, please request it when making reservations as our grooming schedule fills up fast.

Q: Why bring my own food?
A: We do not like to change your pet's diet while away from home. It may upset their stomach.

Q: Can I take a tour?
A: Yes! We always welcome tours. We are assured you will find The Pampered Pet to be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. After you tour, I promise that you will enjoy your vacation more knowing your beloved pet is also being pampered.

Q: I want to become part of the pampered pet team. What should I do?

A: At times we need new members for our professional and caring team. If you are interested, you can download the application here and send it to:

The Pampered Pet Salon & Boarding Suites
2720 B N. Main St.
Madisonville, KY 42431