The Pampered Pet Promise

We promise to be totally committed to providing your pet with the best care, accommodations, nutrition, and love while they are entrusted in the
care of our dedicated professionals.

No more cages...
Who wants to stay in a cage?
(Or on a concrete floor)

We are an all suite boarding facility. Each spacious suite has a large ortho rest bed with a cozy fleece comforter. There is a night stand to keep
all your pets personal goodies in, like favorite toys and food. (that means no mix - ups) Each suite has a window and an all glass door that can be left open with full view for those who like to look out or closed for those who like more privacy.
According to research, 48% of you keep the TV on for your pets because of its calming affect and entertainment. Therefore, we have provided a color television in every suite with all the favorite pet movies showing.
Multi Pet discounts. Each additional guest sharing the same suite will receive 50% discount. For more information, please visit our Boarding Rates page

Gift Boutique

Classy, Custom Collars

Visit our gift Boutique to shop for that unique gift item, a wide variety of collars, and tasty, nutritious snacks.

For the Truly Pampered Pet, we offer exclusive custom collars, "You Create Yourself," and classy, comfortable harnesses made from the latest stylish materials.